Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Artist SHAG to pay a visit to Fantagraphics

The uber-hip artist SHAG will be at the Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery in Georgetown Saturday, May 24th, 6pm - 9pm for exhibition opening and book signing. The gallery will feature original works created for the alphabet book SHAG: A to Z, published by Fantagraphics. [#]

SHAG's style is the epitome of Palm Springs circa 1960: "a world of mid 20th century modern architecture and design, populated by hedonists, supplicants, and indifferent women." [

I met SHAG (Josh Agle) a few months ago at the scooter-themed show Motorino at Roq La Rue gallery. He was the ultimate in cool: nattily dressed in coordinating browns with mixed textured wools. Nice fellow, and genuine, too.

scooters by Shag

hat tip to Seattle Twist.

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