Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pike Street Fish Fry: Hot Fish Now

Pike Street Fish Fry has cravable, deep-fried goodness: little chunks of fresh fish served in cups lined with paper (so old school!). You can’t go wrong here. With one bench for seating and the rest SRO, Pike Street Fish Fry is the epitome of street food, Seattle style: stand in a dry spot and eat with your hands. Drunk or sober, it hits your craving.

hot fish now

Pike Street Fish Fry in the old Frites location Neumos. The old Frites fryers are put to delicious use, and in an homage to the previous establishment Fish Fry offers a selection of house-made dipping sauces plus bottled Coca-Cola from Mexico.

The menu is short and tightly-focused. Offerings include ling cod, red snapper, halibut, spearfish, salmon, octopus, and a few others I can’t remember. The uber- fresh fish from Mutual Seafood is available fried, grilled, or as a sandwich made with a schmear of slaw. Average price runs $7.00. Everything is a la carte so if “you want fries with that?” is the way you roll with your fish, add another four bucks. Upscale beer and wine are available to keep with the upscale street-food vibe. The seasonal menu currently lists fried asparagus. Word is that the asparagus is amazing. I want. Perhaps today. Or tomorrow. Or both.

Although I had trouble initially distinguishing the halibut from the ling cod, both were deliciously moist, not overly battered, and not greasy. The fish and fries are served in cups lined with printed paper. The best surprise? What I thought might be an onion ring turned out to be a sliver of a lemon circle deep fried and served on top the fish. OMG. A flavor explosion and perfect accompaniment. Really, truly, perfect.

pike street fish fry

The joint is run by Michael Hebberoy of One Pot fame and Portland restaurant infamy. Love him or hate him, the night I was there he was a gracious host buzzing between the register, the beer tap, the kitchen, the door, and checking in with patrons. He had just returned from setting up donated nosh for a Vera Project fundraiser at the McLeod Residence. Good heart, good cause, good peeps. Right on.

Auspicious re-start, Hebberoy, in this cubbyhole of a spot on Capitol Hill. Peeps, expect lines out the door summer evenings.

Pike Street Fish Fry
10th and Pike Seattle

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