Friday, April 11, 2008

Urban Beach Scenes with "flatchestedmama"

I stopped into the Grey Gallery and Lounge Thursday night to check out the opening of Amy-Ellen “flatchestedmama” Trefsger's exhibition Urban Beach Scenes.

Urban Beach Scenes is a photographic series of Amy-Ellen dressed ready for the beach and posed in the most unexpected urban settings -- including the in NY subway, in an empty warehouse, in front a working graff artist, on stadium stairs.

Amy-Ellen was immediately recognizable at the opening: she was the one with the inflatable swim ring around her waist. What did you expect with a nickname like that? A stuffy biaaatch? So not.

I chatted with friendly Amy-Ellen for a bit and discovered she is the girlfriend of fellow artist Static Invasion, who put together the magnetic poetry word art piece featured in Wooster Collective last fall. Without prompting she revealed, “He is a great boyfriend."

The swim-ringed performance artist shared that most of the photos in the series were taken in 2005. The entire series includes work with 10 different photographers, of which six are represented in the exhibition.

Amy-Ellen talked about one her favorites, which was taken in an empty warehouse: the lighting, dust particles, and spaciousness come together to shape a visceral, lonely vibe.

Incongruence is the easy theme of the Urban Beach Scenes. On a deeper level it speaks to individually interpreting the world, and deliberately choosing one’s level of conformity to the norm.

The Urban Beach Scenes exhibit runs through June 7th.

Grey Gallery and Lounge
1512 11th Avenue, Seattle

p.s. Amy-Ellen, this chica boarder liked your beach sign very much.

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