Monday, April 21, 2008

Using stealth and style to fight off evil

I finally made it to the Frye Art Museum on Sunday to catch the R. Crumb exhibit before I (and it) left town. Procrastinators, the last day of the R. Crumb exhibit is Sunday, April 27th. You should go if you have any interest in line drawings, comics, the absurd, adult-themes, early 70s, etc.

While casually scoping the gift shop, I ran across the "String Doll Gang" characters. Handmade out of string by Kamibashi, they are absolutely adorable little creations with very special superpowers.

I picked out Ninjette: "Ninjette uses stealth and style to fight off evil."


I could easily be a Ninjette, using stealth and style to fight off evil.
Yeah, that would be pretty easy and pretty awesome.
Stealth and style for good. I'm up for that.

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Chris said...

Those are adorable! I first saw them a few months ago at Vain and had to pick up Beelzebub because he'll "shoulder the blame" when I get in trouble. I think I want to get "Johnny B" and "Some French Guy" next.