Monday, April 21, 2008

Coach me through Coachella

With more than 125 performances over three days, one has to be selective yet open to new discoveries. I need your help! Who would you see? Who is on your must-not-miss list? Who are the potential 2008 breakouts?

In my discretionary time, I write reviews and shoot shows for the music site Three Imaginary Girls, based in Seattle. There's a blog post and conversation over on that site in which I've asked for recommendations of who to see at Coachella.

I would love to get your recommendations, either in comments here, or comments there.

Here's the lineup. Check it and get back to me!

1 comment:

mk said...

Ok, so it appears that you already missed Jack Johnson and Tegan and Sara. That is somewhat forgivable.

Today: Death Cab!!!!! Prince, MGMT

BTW, it snowed 15" in Fergus Falls today. 1" here but already disappeared. And I live here why?