Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Le Loup: a Craigslist band

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Le Loup leader Sam Simkoff found his band mates through Craigslist ads in Washington DC. The band's website goes into precious detail about it.

I dropped in on the Le Loup show spur-of-the-moment after checking out the Blush Photo music photography show opening on Tuesday night. (Read my commentary on the photo show here.)

The seven-member band barely fit on the Chop Suey stage, and reminded me of a scaled down Arcade Fire with points for instrument variety: banjo, french horn, 4 guitars, keyboards, drums, synth, computer, ummm...did I miss anything? Probably.

I stayed for most of the set, but I just didn't hear anything that blew me away or made me want to run out and buy their self-released EP. (I don't own the Arcade Fire release either.)

60% boys, 40% girls. Average age: 28. Attire: the same clothes seen at the neighborhood market. No fashionistas in sight. It was a Tuesday, after all. Laundry night.

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