Wednesday, April 2, 2008

more leaping play-doh bunnies

Remember the cool Bravia commercial with the play-doh bunnies? And the ensuing minor dustup regarding Fallon's commercial being curiously similar to artwork by Kozyndan?

Well, those bunnies are still going at (Sorry.) A new Easter-themed spot from
Mainframe for Virgin Media's Challenge TV gives a cheeky hat tip to the original commercial.

Exhibit 1: Challenge TV Ad (2008)
The Challenge TV ad is currently available only on Mainframe's site; select Our Work then Challenge TV Bunnies Promo Play Movie.

(p.s. bunnies are being bunnies behind the litter can!)

Exhibit 2: Sony Bravia Ad (2007)

Exhibit 3: Kozyndan Panoramic (2002)

Speaking of Kozyndan, I just ordered a couple of t-shirts from their site. I so like their sh*t.

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Luna-See said...

Bunnies are rad!