Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Playing Tetris with kitchen appliances

The new fridge is installed but now I can't open the dishwasher. Craptastic.

The kitchen in my 1940's townhouse was remodeled by the previous owner. It is a lovely use of a tiny space and I am pretty sure they planned and built around the 1980's sub-zero fridge. When the appliance repairman said parts were no longer available to make the beast stay frozen, it was time to measure precisely and compare specifications very, very closely.

Shop, price, think, compare, measure again, shop some more...then buy. Ouch.

The new fridge matches the old one in dimensions. ON PAPER. Installed it's another story.

Seems this new one is two inches deeper and now the dishwasher won't open. Take the handle off the freezer door and level the dishwasher and I think I'll be able to jail break out the dishes. I hope.

Not sure what the best long term solution is. Wonder if they make skinnier dishwashers?


Luna-See said...


No fun...

Sachi said...

Could you just cut off the freezer handle? And bolt it instead on the right side of the freezer door...Then you could open the dishwasher. You wouldn't be able to open the cabinet next to it, but you weren't using that anyway. :)