Friday, October 31, 2008

DJ Spooky + One Pot = Hot Ticket

Saturday evening Nov 1 offers a trifecta of food, conversation, and music, featuring DJ Spooky (Paul Miller), tasty eats from Michael Hebb's One Pot, and sharp wit from Charles Mudede.

The get together is in honor of DJ Spooky's new book "
Sound Unbound: Sampling Digital Music and Culture." (Party-goers will receive a copy.) About the book, Branford Marsalis said, "Paul Miller has grabbed disparate philosophies and references from the past five hundred years and tied them into a neat and interesting narrative on music, sound, and current thought in our time. Sound Unbound is an excellent reference on art—in the popular context—in the twenty-first century."
This intriguing and sure-to-be-yummy get together will take place at the Caffe Vita loft space on Capitol Hill. RSVP is required; space is limited and going fast. You can opt for with or without the One Pot dinner ($45/$30). Dinner package starts at 6pm and the post-dinner event begins at 8:30. Things will wrap up by 10:00pm so DJ Spooky can get over to Fremont for his show at The Nectar later.
If interested, email NOW to reserve your space.

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