Monday, November 3, 2008

The brown fox is still quick: I gotz mad skillz

I took a touch typing/keyboarding class in junior high and hated it.

Looks like I could still pass that class today though, thanks to millions of pages of user documentation, presentations, instructor guides, online and print articles, emails, business plans, class guides, management reports, team performance reviews, marketing plans, proposals, RFPs, SOPs, project plans, requirements, specifications, case studies, customer communications, and other what-have-you written word.

Can you beat this typing test score?

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, yo.


mk said...

Fun! I got 93 wpm with 100% accuracy (not to belittle your score). :)

Jeanine Anderson said...

Right on! You get an A!
I only just barely passed by topping the 60 wpm mark.

Uncle Vinny said...

You should try TypeRacer, too... for some reason, competitive typing is fun!

Jeanine Anderson said...

Hey, I finally tried TypeRacer. Competitive typing IS fun!
Thanks Uncle Vinny.