Sunday, November 30, 2008

Craft show overload: buy local

This upcoming weekend is a busy one for alternative shopping. Plan your Saturday schedule properly and you'll be able to hit up four craft shows in one day -- and catch some live music while you shop. Peruse unique alternative goods and support local crafters at these upcoming events.

To the point in presentation-ready short-form:

  • Punk Rock Flea Market: December 6th
  • The Vera Project Bazaar: December 6th
  • Hollow Earth Radio's Local Label Record Show and Crafts: December 6th
  • Urban Craft Uprising: December 6th and 7th
  • I Heart Rummage: December 21st
Here's the long-form details:

Punk Rock Flea Market, Dec 6th
10am - 6pm, Underground Events Center (Belltown)

In addition to handmade craft goods, the Punk Rock Flea Market typically offers artwork, vintage stuff, books, housewares, records, and whatever else DIY people want to sell. And don't worry that you might not be punk enough to go: "punk rock" refers to the DIY spirit of the event rather than a specific music genre or lifestyle. All are welcome. Sale ends at 6pm, bands play into the evening. A buck or two donation is requested for entry.

The Vera Project Bazaar, Dec 6th
10am - ??, Vera Project (in Seattle Center)

The Vera Project Bazaar features local artists, craft-makers, musicians, and designers. The style tends toward the street sensibilities. Last year nothing was priced more than $40 and terrific art bargains abounded. Get there early if artwork is on your shopping list. Free.

In addition to the Bazaar, the non-profit, all-ages music and art venue is hosting it's annual Bring It, Screen It/Bazaar fundraiser, where you can learn to silkscreen with a Vera project instructor for $5. Here's how it works: bring an article of clothing (or anything of fabric), select one of 10 newly-designed Vera Project logos, pay $5, and a Vera instructor will help you silkscreen the image onto your item.

Hollow Earth Radio's Local Label Record Show, Dec 6th
3pm - 8pm, Healthy Times Fun Club (Capitol Hill)

Crafts and 'zines will be featured along with 20+ local record labels in this local-music-oriented DIY event. (Yes, Sub Pop will be there, but so will other worthy local labels worth checking out.) This first annual show is organized by internet-only local radio station Hollow Earth Radio and will be held at Healthy Times Fun Club. I'm particularly looking forward to checking out the 'zines and picking up some affordable, ultra-indie, and ultra-unique gifts. Free.

Five bands will be performing during the sale. The evening continues with a four-band lineup starting at 8:00; a $5 donation is requested for the evening performances. Email healthytimesfunclub at gmail dot com for exact address, or in cases of super last minute address requests call Rebecca at (206) 422-5387.

Urban Craft Uprising, Dec 6th and 7th
11am - 5pm, Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

The annual Urban Craft Uprising is an upscale event with higher-end goods and prices to match. You won't find many items selling for less than $20 here. However, quality leads: you definitely get what you pay for. Last year I picked up a couple of leather wristbands and a T-shirt and have been very happy with the purchases. Your favorite vendors from neighborhood street fairs will likely be at this event. Early arrivers will be rewarded with a gift bag of freebies. A $1 entry donation is requested.

I Heart Rummage, Dec 21st
12pm - 4pm, Chop Suey (Capitol Hill)

December's I Heart Rummage sale is for procrastinators and folks who regret not buying that special something from a local crafter earlier in the month. All items are orginal and handmade (no imports) and jewelry is limited to no more than six of the 35 spots. At previous IHR events I've bought awesome hand-knitted wrist warmers and unique cuffs and jewelry. Prices tend toward the reasonable end of the spectrum. Free.

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