Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My SF Reading List

Here's what's on my nightstand currently.

I intend to read these books in top-down order. I fully expect they will be much better than the last two books I read -- which really were pretty awful so it took me months to finish them. (Trust me: don't read Waking the Moon or Island in the Sea of Time.)

I'm reading The Watchmen right now but it's a bit of a slow go for me. Its a graphic novel (new format for me), and the text size is done for eyes younger than mine. Ha! The movie trailer looks pretty good, so I thought I'd give the graphic novel a try. Not sure if I'll make it all the way to the end, though.

Neal Stephenson is one of my very favorite authors so I am looking forward to his newest novel Anathem. He did a reading in Seattle not long ago, where he shared that he is ambivalent about pronounciation. AN-a-them, a-NATH-em. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

Not sure what to expect from The Algebraist. I read an earlier work by the same author and was underwhelmed. I hope I don't have to do any math problems.

The book on the bottom is a re-read in case I finish or abandon the other books: the classic Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A good re-read, particularly since it's been years and years since I read it. I still remember, however, that the answer is 42.

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Snotty McSnotterson said...

42 for the win! Hey, it was great meeting you at Grey Gallery--I like your blog! :)