Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Four quickie reviews of documentaries

I've started using the Seattle Public Library for videos. There's always a long wait for fiction - I think I'm number three-hundred-something for "Weeds." However the non-fiction section at the downtown (central) library has a decent selection sitting on the shelves. Here's four quickie reviews of videos I've borrowed in the last couple of weeks:

A Brilliant Madness - The real John Nash was not married to Jennifer Connelly. Grade: A -
Spellbound - Get to know kids who spell well and the families who support them. Grade: A
An Inconvenient Truth - An overlong lecture on global warming. Grade: B
Crazy Love - How an obessessive, possessive relationship goes off the chart. Grade: B+

You'll find the non-fiction video section in the book spiral at the Central library.

Seattle Public Library

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