Monday, October 20, 2008

Build your own solar-powered theramin or robot

The Seattle Dorkbot group is holding a MAKE-worthy fundraiser workshop Wednesday November 5th. A few weeks out yet however, the deadline is today Oct 20th to register and select a kit for the group-build evening.

Late notice, but who plans ahead in Seattle anyways?

Kit choices:

Solar-Powered Theremin beginners
Use free energy from the sun to produce lovely music, or at the least some fun sounding warbles. This is the simplest choice and is best for beginners. The kit is designed to fit in an "industry standard" mint tin which is not included, so if you want an enclosure you will need to bring your own.

Solar-Powered BEAM Robot experience recommended
BEAM is an acronym standing for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, Mechanics and represents a very simple approach to building low power robots with almost biological properties. These aren't kits, as much as they are an inexpensive bag of components so you can build yourself a small robot (instructions included).

The Infamous TV-B-Gone experience recommended
This is a fairly complex kit, but it comes with a high quality printed circuit board and all the parts needed to turn off any modern TV from up to 150 feet! If you choose this one be sure to bring 2 AA batteries to power your kit.

More info. Register.

artwork: "Ghosts" by Brian Despain, @ Roq La Rue Gallery

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