Friday, September 12, 2008

Quirky Gig Ads on Craigslist

Here's a few one-of-a-kind gigs requiring rare talents. Good luck!

Super Sleuth needed to take pictures of a boat

We need someone who lives or works in Gig Harbor to go to an address and very discretely look for a boat and take pictures of it if its there without being seen . Knowledge of boats helpful but not necessary- stealth like movements are necessary.

(The back story must be a doozy.)

...seeking a talented Elvis impersonator for our huge Halloween extravaganza, a Vegas style Wizard of Oz spoof. Your role would be that of the "Cowardly Lion" or "The King" of the Forest...

(You had me at bacon.)

Special Effects/Gore person needed for slasher parody
Local film collective “The Beta Society” is producing a short horror film entitled “Junkbucket”, a slasher spoof whose titular killer chops off people's junk. We will have 10 kills total and will prove to be a lot of fun. We can provide high quality stills for your portfolio.

(You lost me at chops off people's junk.)

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david said...

We lost you at cutting off junk? No! Come back to us. The film is done and is screening at the market theater Wed the 29th. Check out for more information.