Thursday, September 25, 2008

Decibel Festival: Mercy!

After reviewing the Decibel Festival schedule and making recommendations for dB newbies (TIG), I'm ready to work on my own plan and decide whether to pay-as-I-go or just buy a damn pass.
Here's what I'm considering hitting:

  • Deconstructing Pop (Tujiko Noriko, Jahcoozi)
  • dB Conference, panel 1
  • The Trinity (Jerry Abstract, Jeff Samuel)
  • Dirty Dancing Showcase (Deadmau5)
  • Native State Label Showcase (Nalepa)
  • dB In the Park
  • Detroit Techno (Carl Craig)
  • Innerflight Showcase (Kadeejah Streets)
  • Decibel Festival Finale (The Bug/Warrior Queen, SuperMayer)
Some of these are simultaneous which could make for some interesting and fast hill walking. Not to mention the number of ink stamps to collect on my inner right wrist.

The Carl Craig set at Opulent Temple at Burning Man this year drew a huge (I mean HUGE) crowd. If that is any indication, the Detroit Techno show on Saturday will be off the hook: sweaty people dancing as if wearing Hans Christian Anderson's Red Shoes, crying "Mercy!"

go into the light

the outer edge of the crowd 100 yards from Opulent Temple, right before Carl Craig went on.

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