Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blind Date with Okkervil River

I was invited to see Okkervil River at the luscious Triple Door on Wednesday. I couldn't actually name a song of theirs or even their genre, but sure! Why not? I'm open to trying something new.

Thankfully (despite what their name may imply) Okkervil River are not alt-country, or pop-harmony, or anything remotely fleet fox-y. Rather, they are confessional pop rock, fronted by a singer with mannerisms similar to young Paul McCartney. They rocked out, had a few ballads, and played a tight, fun set.

Pretty good hour spent on a blind date with a new (to me) band.

Okkervil River @ Triple Door 9.17.08

And here's one of their singles, which you might recognize.

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