Sunday, September 21, 2008

PARK(ing) Day in Seattle

Park(ing) Day in Seattle resulted in 30 parking slots around the city transformed into micro-parks for one day only, Friday, September 19th. I rode my bike on a Capitol Hill-South Lake Union-Downtown circuit to visit a baker's dozen or so.

The following picture is of a spaced titled Victory Garden, located on Capitol Hill. The folks here encouraged growing your own veggies and herbs on your city balcony or window. They brought potted plants from their own spaces to prove it could be done. The tomatoes were looking good.

Park(ing) day

This next photo is of a space Downtown on 1st Avenue near the Market. It was run by AIA Seattle and was a lovely little park. It featured furniture using wood planks from naturally-downed trees (offered from Myer Wells). Gorgeous!

Park(ing) day

The Zen Garden (below) was in the South Lake Union neighborhood and took up 3 spaces. One segment had a zen rock garden created with coffee beans.

Park(ing) day

Oh, and about the coffee beans: they felt so nice in hand I commented that it would probably be nice to walk on. The folks running the spot insisted I try it out. So off went my shoes and socks. It felt heavenly! And smelled good too. (Hmmm. A patented spa treatment might be in my future.)

See more pictures of Seattle PARK(ing) day -- including me in coffee beans up to my ankles -- here.

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