Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crossword Artwork at Canvas Gallery

The Canvas gallery on Western Ave has a few pieces by Maura Donegan hanging this month. Her Memento series is textile-based with interesting assemblies and needlework. I was particularly intrigued by the silk organza and thread works, which resemble crossword puzzles constructed of spider webs.

This picture is of a section of Memento Vitae I. Words in the boxes include excellence, murmur, ripple, clifftop, goodwill, truth. Two similar pieces are also hanging.

I'm not usually a fan of textile-based art: I probably need a greater technical understanding of it in order to appreciate it more. However, the Memento works by Donegan are deeply personal and cleverly executed, so I am intrigued. Stop by Canvas and check it out if you are in the 619 Western Ave area. Particularly if you like a little wordplay in your art.

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