Friday, December 5, 2008

you are here

You are here. Where the accumulation of everything ended in keeping nothing.

This piece of street art is particularly site-specific and serves as a pointed reminder of the false value of "things." Look for it when walking on Pike or waiting for the bus near the intersection with Bellevue Ave.

More about the site and the sad story of what happened here one early morning in late October.


bridget said...

the thing is, he has kind of accomplished something with his death. people now have a face to put to the "developers displace the poor & elderly" story AND he has probably made it a less desirable living space for would-be condo dwellers. i don't care what kind of yuppie asshole i potentially turn into - i'm not living in a place where a deeply saddened and confused person set himself on fire. that's recipe for ghosting if i ever heard one... furthermore, i will never shop at that retail space because of how creepy it would be.

if i were him, i would haunt that place with my ghost for eternity. kind of a last ditch effort "fuck you" to people who forced me from my home.

Jeanine Anderson said...

Bridget - very thoughtful and good point about people now having a face to put on displacement. And I agree also about the potential for haunting. My, my, my.
Thanks for the comment and dialog.