Friday, December 12, 2008

Don't judge me, it was for charity

Not sure how to explain this, so I'll just get to it. I bid on a Strangercrombie auction item. Strangercrombie is an annual fundraiser organized by The Stranger, and is known for very clever groupings of donations into ingenious packages. This year's beneficiary is Treehouse, a worthy organization which provides for childen in foster care. (Yes I'm stalling a little, working up the nerve to tell you what I bid on.)

So...I passed on all the music-related packages cause I got me a pretty good hook up for music events already. Besides, they were going for a lot more than my budget.

Instead, I bid on this: Chicks with Guns. The package includes a visit to Wade's Gun Range with the female managing editor of The Stranger and a female photographer to learn how to shoot a gun and take some shots at the practice range, followed by dinner at Redwood. (A neighborhood joint where you can throw peanut shells on the floor. They supply the peanuts in-shell.)
I've never shot a gun or rifle -- or really, any firearm --and I am to-the-core afraid of the power of firearms. I figure what better way to better understand that power (and respect it) than try it once with sympatico chicas. (And bonus: chicas I suspect I have some things in common with.)

Drat those auction sniper bots: I lost out in the last minute. Oh well. Must be a sign I shouldn't be allowed to handle a firearm. I'll have to kill zombies a different way.

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