Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Belltown gets a Sloth Bear for the Holidays

Check out Free Sheep Foundation during the month of December to visit a sloth bear. This is not a prank. A living, breathing sloth bear is staying in Belltown before taking up permanent residence at Woodland Park zoo.

Pedestrians and animal enthusiasts to the corner of 3rd and Battery in Belltown can view Toshi, a four year old, 1,200 pound Japanese sloth bear from Hokkaido Island, Japan. Toshi was raised in captivity and is very comfortable around humans. Safe inside an adapted storefront, Toshi can be viewed throughout the day as she eats, plays and slumbers with her favorite toy doll Benji.

Toshi comes to Seattle from the Kushiro Municipal Zoo in Hokkaido, Japan. I trust the bear experts at Kushiro are sure about Toshi's gender, unlike these polar bears.

This exhibit is brought to you by Zoo to You Foundation, Woodland Park Zoo, Free Sheep Foundation and PDL.

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Chris said...

So that's what you meant by the bear and I both moving to Belltown the same weekend. I'll definitely need to check it out now. I'd love to get drinks - I bet Toshi is a lot more civilized than those savages that hang out at 3rd and Bell. :] What a difference a block makes!