Wednesday, July 2, 2008

UNKLE is not dead yet

Yay! As predicted, the split of James Lavelle and Richard File did not lay UNKLE to eternal rest. ("Given the history of Unkle, I'm not sure it is quite yet time to say RIP.")

A new UNKLE album is due out this year and is "a collection of eclectic songs from UNKLE and various collaborators that were inspired by the moving picture." [unkle]

Included in the End Titles...Stories for Film release is a collaboration with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. He provides vocals for "Chemical" which was previously an instrumental-only track titled "Chemistry" on War Stories. Stereogum says "Homme reportedly had words prepped for the track, but couldn't get things together in time" for War Stories release so UNKLE released it as an instrumental.

"Chemistry" stands well on its own as an instrumental: the drive and momentum are compelling. The Homme vocals on "Chemical" add another dimension without diminishing the original. It's different, but no less compelling.

Give a listen to "Chemical" featuring Josh Homme and see what you think.

End Title...Stories for Film hits the UK July 7th and lands in the Americas Sept 2nd.

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