Monday, July 7, 2008

hanging out

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I had originally intented to shoot some graff Sunday evening in Sodo. However, upon revisiting in daylight hours the site I saw in darkness, it wasn't as compelling as I thought it might be.

So Instead of shooting graff I played around with the tracks and the long shadows and the colors and lighting at pre-sunset. I love this time of day with the warm soft light and long shadows. It's hard to completely mess up a shot when the light so forgiving. Nature's candlelight, yes?

In this picture I was going for a peace sign shadow. Instead, it looks like I've been hung hanged from the neck until dead. Huh. (That's classic spaghetti western lingo, yo.)
Not what I intended, but interesting anyway!

I've been on a streak taking shadow pics when the opportunity arises. Maybe I'll have a series pulled together in a couple of years.
A few other shadow pics here.


anastasia said...

Cool photo Jeanine. Looks like you're way out in the middle of the country :)

Anonymous said...

"Hanged" from the neck until dead, yo.

Jeanine Anderson said...

Right-o. Fixed and I thank you! Happy trails.