Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's the small things in life

toast tongs!
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These toast tongs are awesome! I've become hooked on toasted cheesy bagels and boy, oh boy, do they get HOT.

One of my kids (Glenn, I think) made these toast tongs in woodshop class and they've been neglected and fogotten in the mess of the utensil drawer.

After burning the fingertips, I briefly considered using a metal fork -- but yeah, I've seen the same cartoons as you and didn't want to turn into a b/w skeleton.

Wait, don't I have TOAST TONGS? Why yes I do! Nom nom nom.

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Luna-See said...

OMG...I heart my toast tongs too! They tend to get used for other household projects that pop up (no pun intended) like pulling a new paper towel roll off of the top shelf. I even attempted to use them to secure a flower I was gluing on to a top hat. Um, Did.Not.Work but it was worth a try!